Monday, February 13, 2017

The AP Directives has been moved to this seperate blog as the blog got so long that it was difficult to locate the Directives amid the many other posts.

Now the 44 pages have their own seperate blog. It should be easier to read here and to print out.

The document is presented in 2 formats, the first is easy to cut and paste in order to quote sections of interest, the 2nd version is that which was provided to me by the Target security guard who sent them to me initially.  Both have since been superceeded by later editions.  If you have a copy of more recent versions please send it to me for posting.

Also if you still have problems send me your email address and I will forward the pages to you via an email attachment which can easily be printed out or sent to your file.

You will notice that the pages are not numbered, they came to me this way and I have left them as supplied. To keep them in the correct order you may want to number them on the back if you print them out.

Double click for larger image, print out or save to file


Monday, January 16, 2012

Anyone Remember this case?

Target Corp. v. Doe

NOTE: The information and commentary contained in this database entry are based on court filings and other informational sources that may contain unproven allegations made by the parti es. The truthfulness and accuracy of such information is likely to be in dispute. Information contained in this entry is current as of the last event mentioned in the "Description" section below; additional proceedings might have taken place in this matter since this event.